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What are the differences between eco-friendly swimwear and ordinary swimwear


Swimsuit is comfortable and can perfectly modify the body shape to show women’s beauty, so it is one of the regular items of holiday clothing. Swimsuit can be simply divided into bikini, split swimsuit, one-piece swimsuit, long sleeved swimsuit, sunscreen swimsuit, national swimsuit (Muslim swimsuit), and of course, men’s beach pants, children’s swimsuit, and so on. Swimsuit and professional competitive swimsuit will not be described.
The above points are the same. They can be roughly the same in style and printing.
When it comes to the difference between eco-friendly swimwear and ordinary swimwear.
Let’s make a comparison from several basic points.
1: Different materials
2: Different production environments
3: Different sales groups (the statement does not mean discrimination, it is only an objective statement)
4: Different life span
5: Different reprocessing methods
6: Different trade methods (this trade method is moral trade)

The circulation and production methods of each type of product are different, and there will be differences.

Different materials:

The production of sustainable and eco-friendly swimwear fabrics is mostly the reuse of cola bottles. The reuse of resources can save oil waste, water waste and environmental pollution. The fabric has a high technological content, which can be quickly decomposed without polluting the earth. However, the price is more than 3 times higher than that of ordinary swimwear fabrics, and the production cycle is long. Ordinary swimwear fabrics usually consume a lot of oil resources for fiber synthesis, but the price is cheap.

Different production environments:

This production environment refers to the factory production environment, the process from raw materials to finished products.
Sustainable and eco-friendly swimwear emphasizes moral production, standardized production, free production, excellent working environment, standard working treatment and welfare. That is to say, the whole process of eco-friendly swimwear is in line with ethical production standards, so the processing cost is much higher than that of ordinary swimwear.
On the contrary, the production environment of ordinary swimwear is basically small workshop processing, processing in developing countries, and even the participation of child workers in production. The standard required for ordinary swimwear is fast delivery, and it does not care about the quality of the product.
Different sales groups.
Based on the above differences in materials and processing and production environment, it can be judged that the price of sustainable swimwear is more than three times that of ordinary swimwear, or even higher. Therefore, the income of people who can accept sustainable and eco-friendly swimwear is generally higher than that of ordinary swimwear people. I believe that this is not absolute, but to express my own views.

Different life span:

This life span refers to the service time of the swimsuit.
The material of eco-friendly swimwear is superior to ordinary fabric, and the processing and production technology should be more strict. Therefore, the service life of eco-friendly swimwear is much longer than that of ordinary swimwear. This is for sure.

Different reprocessing methods:

The problem is obvious. The life of eco-friendly swimwear determines that clothes can be circulated to the second-hand market again and can be stored for many times for a long time (but you must understand the maintenance and storage)

Different trade modes:

The cause of sustainable environmental protection is based on the lofty idea of responsibility for the environment and the earth. The cause attaches great importance to “win-win and co construction”. There is no country or race. Ordinary clothing trade is more established to expand the brand, expand sales and expand the national territory, and will introduce many series of novel styles.

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