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For the establishment of a sustainable clothing brand, it needs a complete set of supply chains to cooperate. The supply chain includes sustainable environment-friendly fabrics, sustainable factories (moral factories, factories with international certification standards), non discriminatory model display, packaging material factories, transportation methods, lifelong services, recycling, second-hand trading platform construction and other links that meet the requirements of sustainable clothing.

According to the research of international environmental protection organizations and sustainable fashion professionals, it is very difficult to achieve the goal of sustainable fashion to completely achieve the whole ecology.

The formulation of standards is a unilateral appeal, even with class division and regional criticism.
What is sustainability for? It is the health of the earth. So why don’t we regard the whole human being as a collective? We are a “global village”.

We call on sustainable people, environmentalists, and sustainable clothing brand creators to be good at using resources, and work with each other to build a sustainable global environment.
First of all, what is the purpose of sustainable fashion? If you have a deep understanding of environmental protection and can understand various aspects of achieving sustainability, I believe you will say “impossible” in the end

We need to find the link that has the greatest impact on sustainable clothing for improvement. We should make full use of e-commerce capabilities and the convenience of global logistics and transportation. The best solution is to build a sustainable clothing brand together.
The most important components of sustainable clothing brands are environment-friendly fabrics and standard factories.

We choose sustainable and environment-friendly fabrics, which can save resources, shorten the decomposition time and reduce the harm to the environment.
For the selection of sustainable clothing factories, sustainable clothing brands can choose standard factories and enterprises that have passed the corporate social responsibility standard certification. Certificates include SA8000, BSCI, SEDEX/smeta and WRAP.

Factory Audit Standard

The standard audit of the Ethics Factory includes:

Company legitimacy

You can verify whether the company is legal and safe by viewing the company’s business license, tax registration certificate, fire and fire map.

Working hours

The company must ensure the rest time of workers according to local laws and regulations, at least one day a week, and no more than 60 hours a week.


Employees who work overtime during normal working hours and statutory holidays shall be paid according to the seniority rate specified by local laws, and the monthly wage shall not be lower than the local minimum wage standard. Guests usually check the employee’s attendance and salary records in the past 3 or 12 months.


When hiring and promoting employees, guests shall not discriminate on gender, race, age, belief, etc. Under normal circumstances, the factory inspector will check the personnel files of all in-service personnel, as well as the personnel documents and labor contracts of the resigning personnel in the last six months

Disciplinary measures

guests will not accept any fines, beatings and other measures imposed by the company on employees, nor will they accept forced labor.

Child labor and minor labor

The guest absolutely prohibits the company from employing child labor under the age of 16, and accepts the employment of minor labor above the age of 16 and below the age of 18, but must be approved by the government department, and take practical actions to ensure the physical and mental health of minor workers.

Health and safety

The company shall provide a healthy and safe workplace, and provide necessary environmental protection measures and relevant permits. Employees of special occupations shall hold corresponding operation certificates.

The choice of moral factory is a very important link in building a sustainable clothing brand. Our factory fully meets the standards of a sustainable clothing factory. We will also use this standard to review the participation of other factories.

The founders of sustainable clothing brands can focus on more professional sales markets, sustainable recycling, and lifelong warranty services. We jointly build a sustainable clothing brand. For you and the earth!

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