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We are a manufacturer of swimwear.
We provide you with free swimwear samples made of environment-friendly fabrics.
You can obtain it by placing an order.
We will charge a $1 shipping fee to ensure that you really need these samples.

Run by a progressive, environmentally conscious team, Eco-fabric is a manufacturer of swimwear who provides free samples to interested vendors and designers in order to save them money and help them apprehend the eco-friendly fabric options. These samples can be ordered with as little as a $1 shipping upfront to ensure that they are really needed.

We believe that swimwear should be made of sustainable fabrics. Our fabric is specially designed to be a high-quality alternative to popular materials like nylon, lycra and spandex. We provide free samples so you can use them to see how our designs look on your body type and take advantage of the best deals from our competitors with their samples.

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