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Logistics services

Integrate low-cost and fast logistics services

We have integrated fast and low-cost logistics services
with our garment processing and manufacturing services
to provide you with more flexible solutions

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DHL logistics services

  • “DHL is a part of DHL group, the leader of the world logistics industry.
  • DHL pays attention to customer needs and provides fully integrated personalized solutions for you to manage and transport letters, goods and information.
  • Our first sample clothes will be transported by DHL and delivered to you as soon as possible, so as to buy time for the next production process. Let your brand be listed as soon as possible and win enough markets.

Industrial belt Logistics

  • We will have a professional logistics team to serve you in every industrial belt.
  • Provide you with an efficient and cost-effective mode of transportation.
  • The logistics of the industrial belt is used to transport goods below 20kg. The speed and timeliness of this mode of transportation are generally 15-25 working days.

Bulk cargo, heavy cargo shipping

  • Our vision is to enable our customers to carry out large-scale transportation more affordable by providing the most effective route, suitable for more than 100 kilograms of goods.
  • This mode of transportation is suitable for goods that are shipped in advance, customers who prepare goods in advance, products that are not in a hurry to be listed, or products that are stable.
  • The transportation cost is the lowest, and the transportation time limit is 25-35 working days.

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