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Garment processing services

Garment processing services - Garment manufacturing services

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garment manufacturing services

What can we do for you?

  • We have our own factories in every industrial location, and our key projects are swimsuit factories and yoga factories.
  • To ensure that swimwear customization and yoga suit processing can have the fastest response speed and strict control of shipment quality.
  • We have the most advanced automatic sewing equipment for Yoga suits and swimwear, strict production process management and strict quality inspection and shipping standards.
  • We can ensure the stability of product quality and provide efficient and fast production efficiency to the greatest extent.

Our advantages

  • Finding a supplier who provides quality products at a competitive price can be time-consuming, expensive and complicated.
  • We have our own high-tech garment processing factory and we sell clothes of the highest quality at unbelievably low prices!
  • Find a reliable supplier that provides quality garments while also maintaining competitive prices with HUICHI.

Cooperation process

Sample period process

Need to be provided by the customer

  1. Sample clothes of products to be produced or pictures of products to be produced
  2. Product standard shipping size chart and sample clothes size
  3. Provide and confirm the fabric requirements of the products to be produced, or select the existing fabrics of the company
  4. Accurate sample harvesting address

Our services

  1. Confirm sample cycle (2-7 days)
  2. Free samples (standard transportation)
  3. Standard production quotation
  4. Express transportation service (additional RMB300  freight)
    (RMB 300, including transportation fee, logistics DHL / federal / SF)

Sample modification period

Need to be provided by the customer

  1. Perfect modification suggestions

  2. Sample fabric for confirmation

Our services

  1. Free modification and free mailing

Production process

Need to be provided by the customer

  1. Shipping standard

  2. Contract signing

  3. Confirmation of transportation mode

Our services

  1. Confirm the order and inform the production cycle

  2. Arrange production

  3. Signing the contract and receiving the payment


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