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Establishment of sustainable environmental protection brand

The topic of what is environmental fashion has always given people too much confusion. No institution or organization can give a very comprehensive explanation. What is sustainable fashion clothing?
Fashion industry is also known as clothing, shoes, bags, home decoration, gift boxes and other industries closely related to people. The environmental damage caused by this “fast fashion” industry is becoming more and more prominent and serious.

Fortunately, people have begun to realize this serious problem and began to think about it.
The appearance of sustainable brands is making positive changes to the fashion industry. More and more environmentalists are joining in to establish standards and make suggestions.
The establishment of sustainable environmental protection brand is in contradiction with “fast fashion”. Because environmental protection brand is “slow fashion”, it is painful to do this business from the beginning, and the harvest will be huge in the end.

Sustainable and environment-friendly brand=choose environment-friendly materials

The simplest explanation of environment-friendly materials is to reprocess recyclable waste products to produce another kind of recyclable raw materials.
The most common is the environment-friendly fabric for clothing, which is recycled from plastic bottles, and is recyclable and degradable.
The environment-friendly textile thread is also a commonly used raw material. Textile yarn is also produced after recycling and reprocessing of plastic bottles.
Environmental friendly adhesive is also a kind of raw material that will not cause environmental harm after special treatment.
Such environment-friendly materials are being developed, which makes it possible to create a sustainable environment-friendly brand.

Sustainable environmental protection brand=ethical production

Most fast fashion brands will choose developing countries to produce, because there are cheap labor, poor safety problems, poor production and processing environment, and long hours of work. This is not sustainable, so the products of sustainable environmental protection brands should choose moral factory.
Chinese garment factories are being upgraded. Replacing manual production with machinery and equipment is changing the manufacturing industry and making factories more standardized. Brand products are more standardized and product quality is more stable.

Sustainable environmental protection brand=circular fashion

Recycling and second-hand trading are the most effective recycling fashion.
Call on consumers to participate in the circular economy.
Join globalpifa com, we are the practitioners of sustainable environmental protection. If you want to create a great environmental protection brand, join us. Let’s build an environmental protection brand together for you+the earth.

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